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Golf Betting Guide: How to Bet on Golf

You can choose from a wealth of golf betting options if you want to boost the excitement you experience when watching a tournament unfold. This guide explains how to bet on golf and details the various wagering options at your disposal.

How to Bet on Golf

You can start out by signing up for an account with TopSport. Then head to the golf section and click on a tournament you want to bet on.

You will be presented with a variety of golf betting options, which are explained in detail below. Click on a golf betting market you like the look of to add it to your betslip.

Type in the monetary amount you would like to bet in the “Stake” box. The betslip will automatically tell you the potential return you will earn if your bet is successful. Click to confirm the bet. If it wins, the funds will be credited to your account after the bet is settled.

If you would like to place a multi bet, click on multiple selections to add them to the betslip and then type in your stake in the relevant box.

Golf Bet Types

Tournament Winner

This is a straightforward bet on the player that will win a tournament. We will assess the strengths and weaknesses of every player that will take part in the tournament, and then we will issue odds on each of them to win it.

The golf betting odds tell you the potential payout you stand to earn if the player does indeed win the tournament. They also highlight the implied probability of that player succeeding.

For example, if Adam Scott is priced at 22.00 to win a tournament, it tells you to expect a $22 return for every $1 you bet on him if he goes on to prevail. It also tells you that his implied chances of winning it are 4.5%, so he is not the favourite, but he is not a rank outsider either.

The golf betting odds on each player will shift over the course of the tournament depending on how well they are playing. You can continue betting on the tournament winner until the final stages of the last day.

Top 5 Finish / Top 10 Finish / Top 20 Finish

You can also bet on a golfer to finish in the top 5, the top 10 or the top 20 of a particular tournament. The golf betting odds drop accordingly for each market.

For example, if Adam Scott is priced at 22.00 to win the tournament, you might expect to find odds of 6.00 on him to finish in the top 5, 3.40 to finish in the top 10 and 2.10 to finish in the top 20.

You will receive a small payout if you bet on a player to finish in the top 20, but your chances of success are much higher. You can also bet on both. For example, you might decide to bet $20 on Scott to win the tournament and $20 on him to finish in the top 20. If he wins, both bets pay out. If he finishes 18th, just the top 20 bet pays out, but you would still be in profit overall.

First Round Leader

This is a bet on the player that will be top of the leaderboard at the end of the first round. You can consider which players tend to make a strong start to golf tournaments before betting on this market.


This is a very popular golf betting option. You can group two players together and bet on which of them will finish higher up the leaderboard. For example, you might find matchup golf betting on Rory McIlroy vs. Collin Morikawa, with McIlroy priced at 1.75 and Morikawa priced at 2.08.

That tells you that McIlroy is the favourite and Morikawa is the slight underdog, as you would earn a larger potential profit by betting on Morikawa. You do not need to worry about any of the other players in the tournament, as it is just a straight battle between those two. You can browse lots of matchup betting options on each tournament.

Trios / 3 Balls

This is similar to a matchup bet, but it features a group of three players. For example, we might group Viktor Hovland with Tyrell Hatton and Sergio Garcia, with golf betting odds of 2.00 on Hovland, 3.10 on Hatton and 3.60 on Garcia. You can then bet on the player you think will finish with the lowest score. This bet is also available on an individual round, but it is then referred to as 3 Balls instead of Trios.


This exciting golf betting option is similar to Trios and matchups, but it features a larger group of players. For example, we might ring-fence McIlroy, Hovland, Morikawa, Hatton and Scott, and you can predict which player will come out on top within that group.

In any group market, the winner is the player who completes the most holes. If the players have completed the same number of holes, the player with the lowest score is deemed the winner.

Dead heat rules apply. It means that if two or more players finish with an identical score, the ticket will be paid out at face value divided by the number of Dead Heating winners of the event.

Hole in One

This is a fun bet on whether a hole in one will be scored at a tournament. There are just two options – yes or no. You do not have to specify which player will hit a hole in one or when it will take place. If a hole in one is registered at any point in the tournament, “yes” pays out. If there are no holes in one, “no” is the winner.


You can bet on whether a playoff will be required to settle a tournament. Once again, you do not need to specify who will be in the playoff or how it will end. You can simply predict that there will or will not be a playoff.

Winning Margin

Our winner margin golf betting option allows you to speculate on how close it will be. You are predicting how many strokes the winner will prevail by. For example, you might find golf betting odds of 3.50 on one stroke, 4.80 on two strokes, 6.00 on three strokes, 4.00 on four strokes or more, and 4.25 on a playoff being required.

You do not need to specify who will win. If you think one player looks capable of blowing the rest of the field away, you might decide to bet on four strokes or more. However, if you think it will be tight, you might bet on one stroke. You can cover multiple options in this golf betting market if you like. For example, you could bet $5 on one stroke and $5 on two strokes.

Golf Multis

A multi allows you to combine more than one selection in a single bet in a bid to earn a larger profit. For example, you might bet on Dustin Johnson to win a matchup against Brooks Koepka at a tournament, John Rahm to beat Paul Cantlay, and Justin Thomas to beat Bryson DeChambeau, all in a multi.

You need to get each prediction correct for the bet to pay off. If one leg of the multi lets you down, the bet loses. However, if you nail it, you will earn a large payout, because the profit from each correct prediction rolls onto the next one and your win amount compounds.


We offer long-term golf betting markets on the winners of big future events, such as the majors, the Ryder Cup and the Solheim Cup. You can bet on these markets throughout the year, well in advance of the tournament taking place.

Golf Betting FAQs

What is a golf each-way bet?
An each-way bet is two different wagers: one on a golfer to win a tournament, and another on the golfer to place. If you bet on a golfer to place, it means he must finish near the top of the leaderboard (the place terms can vary from one tournament to the next, depending on the number of players taking part). If he wins, both parts of the bet pay out. If he finishes second, only the place part of the bet will pay out.

What is an in-play golf bet?
This is a live bet that you can make after a tournament has started. You will be able to browse live odds while watching the players in action. The odds are continually updated according to developments on the course

Where can I bet on golf?
You can bet on golf by heading to the sports betting homepage at TopSport. We offer a wide variety of golf betting options, including winner betting, top 5 finish, top 10 finish, top 20 finish, matchups, three balls, groups, multis and some exotic markets. Visit to bet on all the biggest tournaments from around the world.

Join the action today, explore the comprehensive range of golf betting markets at TopSport.