Cricket Betting Guide: How to Bet on Cricket

Betting on a cricket match can seriously dial up the excitement you experience when watching the drama unfold. You can often choose from more than 250 different cricket betting options on a single match, including bets on individual bowlers and batsmen.

This guide will explain how to bet on cricket and break down the most popular cricket betting options at your disposal. Read on for a thorough grounding in cricket betting.


How to Bet on Cricket

Your first step will be to sign up for an account with TopSport. You can then click on the “Sport” option at the top of the page and choose “Cricket”. You will be presented with a list of upcoming matches that you can bet on.

Click on a match you are interested in to browse your various cricket betting options. The key markets are explained in the next section of this “how to bet on cricket” guide. When you find a selection you like, click on it. The betslip will then appear to the right of the screen, with your selection loaded up.

It will display the odds and you can type in the amount you would like to wager in the “Stake” box. The betslip will inform you of your potential return if the bet is successful. For example, if you choose to bet $10 at 1.87, it will tell you to expect a return of $18.70 if the bet wins.

Check you are happy with the potential return, and click to confirm the bet. If it wins, the funds will be added to your cash balance as soon as the bet has been settled.


Cricket Betting Options

We provide hundreds of different betting options on BBL matches and Test matches. You can start by betting on the winner of the toss, and you can go on to bet on all sorts of player markets, along with the overall winner of the match. When the match starts, we will offer in-play betting on the action too. These are some of the key cricket betting options you will be presented with on a match:


Match Winner

This is the most popular cricket betting option. It simply requires you to predict which team will win the match. Our oddsmakers will weigh up the relative strengths and weaknesses of both teams, factoring in things like home advantage, form, head-to-heads, injuries, and so on. They will then release a set of odds on either team winning the match.

The odds tell you the potential profit you will earn by betting on a team. They also tell you which team is the favourite and which is the underdog, and the implied probability of each team emerging successful.

For example, if you see odds of 1.71 on Melbourne Stars to beat Sydney Thunder, and 2.16 on Sydney to win the match, it tells you that the Stars are the favourites. A $10 bet on the Stars would earn a return of $17.10 if they won the match, whereas a $10 on Sydney would earn a $21.60 return if the Thunder prevailed.


Total Team Runs

This is a straightforward bet on the number of runs a particular team will score. The team must bat first for this market to be applicable. We will set a total runs line, and you can simply bet on whether the total runs will go over that line or stay under it.

For example, you might find odds of 1.90 on over 156.5 runs in a match between Perth Scorchers and Adelaide Strikers, and 1.90 on under 156.5 runs. If you anticipate a high-scoring game, bet on over. If you think it will be a low-scoring affair, bet on under.


Total Match Runs

We also offer betting on the total runs that will be scored by both teams combined in a match or in an innings. You can additionally bet on whether the total runs will be odd or even.


Man of the Match

You can bet on the player that will be named man of the match. Each player will be priced up according to his perceived chances of landing the award. A star player that often takes centre stage will be the favourite and the odds will grow progressively longer on each player until you reach the rank outsider – a player that is very rarely named man of the match.

Highest Scoring Batsman

This is another straightforward betting option. You can bet on the highest scoring batsman for each team, and the top batsman for the overall match. This is a popular cricket betting option, because it does not require you to predict which team will win the match. You can also find player performance markets and specialised betting options like “Six and Out”.

Most Wickets

This market allows you to bet on which bowler will take the most wickets during the match. You can bet on the top bowler for each team, or the top bowler for the overall match.


Same Game Doubles

A same game double combines two different selections into a single bet, which can result in large potential returns. For example, you might bet that Steve Smith will be Australia’s highest scoring batsman and Pat Cummins will be the team’s top bowler in a Test match. Both predictions need to be correct for your bet to pay off, but the combined odds significantly exceed the return you would get by betting on each player individually.


Total Batsman Runs and Boundaries

We will set a total runs line for all of the leading batsmen in a match. For example, you could bet that Marcus Stoinis will score over 23.5 runs or under 23.5 runs in a Big Bash match. We also offer betting on the total fours and the total sixes each player will score. Additional markets include the player to score the most fours and the player to score the most sixes.


Bowler Total Wickets

Cricket fans can place bets on the bowler total wickets that the leading bowlers will claim during a match. Once again, there is an over option and an under option, and you just have to predict which one will prove correct.


Player Matchups

This is an exciting option that allows you to pit two players against one another. For example, in a match between Sydney Sixers and Hobart Hurricanes, you could bet on who would score the most runs in a head-to-head between Moises Henriques and Peter Handscomb. You can also choose two opposing players and bet on which one will score the most fours or the most sixes.

There are similar options for bowlers. You can bet on Adam Zampa vs. Daniel Sams in a match, for example, in a bid to predict which one will take the most wickets. We also offer “trios” bets, whereby you can group three different players together and bet on which player will score the most runs or take the most wickets from within that group.


Match Dismissals

You will find a wealth of cricket betting options on dismissals. Examples include whether there will be a hat-trick or a five-wicket haul, the total ducks, the total run outs, the most runs outs, the first wicket method, and whether the first wicket will be caught. You will also be able to bet live on dismissals when the match begins.


Match Milestones

Will a player hit a century in a match? Will there be a half-century? You can speculate and bet on these milestones, without needing to specify which player will achieve them.


Match Markets

We group several fun cricket betting markets into this category. Examples include the toss winner, whether there will be a super over or a maiden over, the team that will yield the top batsman in the match, the highest individual score, the highest first six overs, and so on.

We also provide lots of exciting TopSport Match Specials. An example would be Qais Ahmad to take three or more wickets and Sydney Thunder to win at odds of 8.75, or Glenn Maxwell to hit a four and a six at 2.05.


Cricket Betting FAQs


Where can I bet on cricket?

You can sign up for an account with TopSport to enjoy cricket betting on hundreds of exciting matches. Our “how to bet on cricket” guide explains the key cricket betting options on offer, so have a read, familiarise yourself with the most popular markets, and get involved in the action.


What can you bet on in cricket?

You will be presented with more than 250 cricket betting options on some big matches when you visit the TopSport sports betting hub. You can bet on the match winner, player runs, player wickets, man of the match, total runs, match milestones, head-to-heads, and much more, along with in-play betting after the match begins.


What is draw no bet in cricket?

A draw no bet option in cricket ensures you get your money back if the match finishes in a draw. You will be able to bet on a team to win the match, at reduced odds, but safe in the knowledge that you bet will be settled as a push (void) if the match results in a draw.


This “how to bet on cricket” guide has explained the main cricket betting options, so now it is time to find a match, make your plays and enjoy the action at TopSport!