Multi Bet Explained

A multi bet provides sports fans with an exciting opportunity to generate a large profit from a relatively small stake. Read on to learn what a multi bet entails, how these bets work, how to place a multi bet, and some strategic advice.

What is a Multi Bet?

A multi bet allows you to combine several different selections within a single wager. Every selection you make must prove correct for the multi to pay out, so it can be difficult to compile a successful multi bet.

However, you will often be rewarded with a large payout if you nail it. The profit earned from each correct selection rolls onto the next. Your overall profit therefore continues to compound, so it can result in substantial payouts – particularly if you add lots of selections to your multi.

A multi is known as an accumulator in the UK and a parlay in the USA. If you hear those terms, you can rest assured that it means the same thing.

How do Multi Bets Work?

A multi bet involves rolling multiple predictions into one wager in a bid to generate a larger profit. You can add as many selections as you like to your multi, and the potential profit increases with each selection you add.

A selection is known as a leg. You could play a four-leg multi, for instance, which requires you to make four different predictions and combine them into one bet.

A multi bet requires you to make predictions on different sporting events. It is also possible to place a same game multi bet, which is described further down this page.

Multi Bet Examples

Let’s say you think the Western Bulldogs can beat the Melbourne Demons. They are priced at 2.30 to do so. You also reckon the Richmond Tigers can beat the Carlton Blues at 1.39, St Kilda can beat Collingwood at 1.65, and Fremantle can beat Adelaide at odds of 1.80.

If you have $40 to play with, you could divide it into four and place individual $10 bets on each of those AFL teams to win. In that case, you would earn a profit of $31.40 if all four teams won.

Alternatively, you might decide to combine all four teams in a $40 multi bet. If all four teams won, you would earn a profit of $339.80. That is substantially larger than the $41.40 you would earn by placing individual bets, so it illustrates the power of multi bets. However, if just one team loses, the entire bet crumbles.

You can work out your potential return on a multi bet by multiplying the odds on each leg together. In this example, 2.30 x 1.39 x 1.65 x 1.80 = 9.49. It tells you to expect a return of $9.49 for every $1 you bet. That includes the return of your bet amount plus your profit.

Therefore a $40 bet at 9.49 earns you a payout of $379.80, which includes your $339.80 in profit and the return of your $40 stake.

You do not have to stick to win bets when placing a multi bet. You can also combine multiple sports. For example, you could combine:

  • Penrith to cover a 5.5-point line against Manly at odds of 1.90.
  • Melbourne to cover a 9.5-point line against Wests at 1.95.
  • Over 224 points in an NBA game between the Denver Nuggets and the Houston Rockets at 1.90.
  • New York Giants to cover a 6-point line against the Chicago Bears at 1.97.

In that example, a four-leg multi bet would offer a return of 13.86. It is calculated by multiplying the four prices together (1.90 x 1.95 x 1.90 x 1.97). You can expect a $13.86 return for every $1 you stake if all four predictions are correct.

Placing a Multi Bet

It is very easy to place a multi bet. Just follow these steps:

  • Visit the “Sport” section at TopSport and find the event you’d like to bet on.
  • Click on a betting option to add it to your betslip.
  • Go into another event, find a betting option and click on it to add it to the slip.
  • Now that there are two selections on the slip, a section called “Multi/Parlay Options” will appear at the bottom.
  • Add as many selections as you like to the bet slip.
  • When you have added all of your predictions, type in the amount you would like to wager in the “Stake” box.
  • The betslip will tell you the potential return you will receive if the multi bet is successful. If you are happy with it, click to confirm the bet.

Same Game Multi

It is possible to combine multiple selections within the same game into a single bet. This is known as a same game multi.

For example, you might decide to bet on Sydney Swans to beat GWS Giants, Tom Mitchell to have the most disposals, and Lance Franklin to score the first goal, all in the same game. The concept is the same as a standard multi bet: all three predictions would need to prove correct for the bet to pay off.

Multi Bet Strategy

Multi bets are very popular, because punters see a tantalising opportunity to turn a small risk amount into a large profit. However, you need to be careful, because successful multi bets are notoriously difficult to compile.

The house edge increases slightly with each selection you add to the multi bet, so it can be tricky to land winning multi bets on a regular basis. You should conduct thorough research and only add selections you are confident in when compiling your multi bet.

You can add any betting options you like into your multi bet. However, some punters avoid putting heavy underdogs into a multi bet. The reasoning is that a heavy underdog has a good chance of busting your bet, and it would pay out a large return as a single bet, so there is no real need to add it to a multi.

Lots of punters combine several heavy favourites together in a multi bet. However, if a team is an overwhelming favourite, you might decide to avoid adding it, because it would not boost the cumulative odds much and there is still a chance that the favourite could have an off day.

Remember that you do not need to stick to single win bets. You can consider a multitude of options when compiling a multi, including line bets, total points bets, and so on.
As is the case with any bet, you should not place wagers when you are drunk, angry, or chasing a loss. Always gamble responsibly, and only bet with money that you can afford to lose if unsuccessful.

Multi Bet Combinations

You can add multiple selections to your bet slip and then place a series of multi bets within that group. For example, let’s say you add St Kilda, Geelong, Essendon and Port Adelaide all to win.

You could then place a four-leg parlay on all four teams, along with four trebles: St Kilda, Geelong, and Essendon to win; St Kilda, Geelong and Port Adelaide to win; St Kilda, Essendon and Port Adelaide to win; and Geelong, Essendon and Port Adelaide to win. That would essentially be four bets – three trebles and a four-leg multi bet – but you are covering yourself if one team lets you down.

You could also decide to place six doubles combinations on those teams, and four single bets too. Alternatively, you might avoid singles and a four-leg multi bet, and just place doubles and trebles on the teams. You have a great deal of flexibility when placing multi bets.

Multi Bet FAQs

What sports can you place a multi bet on?

You can place a multi bet on a broad array of sports, including Aussie Rules, rugby league, rugby union, cricket, soccer, tennis, basketball, and gridiron. Head on over to to place your multi bet. Click on selections to add them to the betslip, and you will then see a section of the slip that reads “Multi/Parlay Options”, which confirms that you can place a multi bet on those sports.

How do you win a multi bet?

You win a multi bet if all of your predictions prove to be correct. For example, if you place a multi bet specifying that Sydney Sixers, Brisbane Heat, Adelaide Strikers, and Perth Scorchers will all win on a particular day, all four teams would need to win for the multi bet to pay off. If one loses, the bet fails.

What happens if a bet is void in a multi?

If a particular selection is void, it is simply removed from the parlay. For example, if you were to bet on Sydney Roosters, Melbourne Storm, South Sydney Rabbitohs and Canterbury Bulldogs all to win in a four-leg multi, but Melbourne’s game was called off, it would simply become a three-leg multi. The same is true if a prediction is settled as a push – for example, if you bet on over 224 points in an NBA game and there are precisely 224 points, that selection will be removed from the multi.