Supercars x Gold Coast Titans: Join The Stars As They Embark On A Series Of Footy Challenges

Get ready to feeeel the excitement with TopSport….and Supercars….and the Gold Coast Titans!

For over 35 years TopSport has been famous for being Australia’s fairest bookmaker and now they’re trying their hand at being Australia’s best matchmaker by partnering up the Supercars Championship and the NRL’s Gold Coast Titans in a series of footy challenges ahead of the Boost Mobile Gold Coast 500 this weekend.

TopSport is the official wagering partner of the both the Supercars and the Titans. From their home on the Gold Coast, TopSport is one of the fastest growing brands in the sector, having become renowned for offering top odds across the board and plenty of unique markets, so organising this collaboration between these two iconic brands was a natural fit in the lead up to the big race on the Gold Coast.

Ex-Titans legend Anthony Don also joined TopSport for a number of partnership initiatives so fans can enjoy one of their favourite sons playing host with some of his old team mates in this Challenge video too.


From the Supercars side we have:

Zane Goddard is an Australian professional racing driver competing in the Repco Supercars Championship. He currently drives for Tickford Racing as a co-driver alongside James Courtney in the No. 5 Ford Mustang GT

Tim Slade is an Australian racing driver who competes in the Repco Supercars Championship. Slade currently drives the No. 3 Ford Mustang GT for Blanchard Racing Team.


And from the Gold Coast Titans side we have:

Beau Fermor is an Australian professional rugby league footballer who plays as a second-row for the Gold Coast Titans in the NRL.

Sam McIntyre is an Australian professional rugby league footballer who plays as a lock, prop, second-rower for the Gold Coast Titans in the NRL.


The Challenges That Will Put The Stars To The Test

The TopSport Footy Challenge will pair up 1 x Supercars Driver and 1 x Gold Coast Titans player in a head-to-head competition across a series of footy challenges that cover passing, catching and a sprint for the try line! 

The TopSport Passing Challenge involves stacking up a set of 4 x Dunlop Supercars Racing Tyres with the top one facing forward for the teams to try and pass the ball through as many times as they can in 30seconds.  For every ball through, that team gets one point.

The TopSport High-Ball Challenge involves one team kicking a rugby league ball as high as they can for the other team to run under and catch it. Sounds simple enough, but on a windy day on the beautiful Gold Coast beach opposite the racing circuit, it looked anything but – just ask Zane Goddard!

The TopSport Mad Dash is a crowd favourite during half-time at the CBUS Stadium when the Titans play! So we’ve taken it from the grassy field to the sandy beach where the teams will stand about 20m out from a tryline as the starting point. They then have to touch their forehead to a wooden pole and spin around it five times, and while dizzy, try and run to pick up a footy about 10m away before making a MAD DASH to the tryline to win.

While it was a day of fun and casual games, these boys being professional athletes meant there was plenty of competitive spirit, banter and controversy involved right from the start. No one wanted to lose. The ending was very close, controversial throughout, but felt like a win for all involved.


The TopSport Footy Challenge is only the beginning – Keep an eye out for the next video because the Titans boys will be back during race week to get taken around track at top speed in the Safety Car – or maybe we’ll call it the unsafety car given how fast they’ll go – with a dashcam mounted inside to capture their reactions every time they take a tight corner or hit high-speeds.

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