Live Betting Guide: How to Bet on Sports Live

Live Betting Guide

We offer a broad choice of live betting markets on rugby league, Aussie Rules, cricket, rugby union, tennis, soccer and lots of other sports. This allows you to watch a match unfold and place in-play bets from a position of strength after assessing each team’s strengths and weaknesses.

This guide explains how to take advantage of the opportunities that live betting provides. We will teach you how to bet in-play and delve into some of the most popular live betting options on NRL, cricket and AFL matches.

What is Live Betting?

Live betting allows you to speculate on a sporting event after it has started. For many years, bookmakers only accepted pre-match bets, which limited a punter’s options. The advent of live betting brought a lot more flexibility to proceedings.

It gives you the opportunity to watch the opening stages of a match, check to see what sort of shape each team is in and make incisive betting decisions. For example, you can consider whether one team looks tired or lacking in motivation, or if a player appears to be carrying an injury, and make your plays accordingly.

Live betting is typically available from the beginning of a match until close to the final whistle. You will be presented with a wide selection of in-play markets to choose from. The odds will shift on a constant basis throughout the match, reflecting developments on the field of play.

How to Bet on Sports Live

You can visit the TopSport homepage and click on the “In-Play” option on the toolbar menu at the top of the homepage to find a selection of live betting markets. You will then see a list of sports we are currently accepting in-play bets on, and a range of live matches within each sport.

Click on a live sporting event that interests you and check out the in-play markets that we cover. The most popular live betting options – such as the win and the line – will be displayed first and you can click to show additional markets, such as a correct score or an alternative line.

When you find a live betting option that appeals, call 1800 TOPSPORT (1800 8677 7678). Legislation requires all in-play bets to be placed over the phone. You can speak to a member of our team, and they will quickly take your account details and get your bet on rapidly.

What Bets Can You Place Live?


You will be able to enjoy live betting on which team or player will win a match while it is developing. You can also bet on the player that will win a golf tournament, the driver that will win a race and so on. It means you can watch the action on TV, get a feel for how it will end up and place bets based on your deductions. The odds will change throughout the match. If a team scores, we may suspend live betting for a few seconds while we update the odds.


We give a handicap to the team or player that we deem to be the strongest. This is known as the line. It can be a points handicap in rugby league, rugby union or footy, a games handicap in tennis, a frames handicap in snooker, a goals handicap in soccer, and so on. You just bet on which team or player will cover the line, either before the match or while it is in-play.

Correct Score

You can bet in-play on what the score will be at the end of the match. The odds will change as the score is updated in real time.


We accept live bets on the total points, goals, games or runs within a match. You will see a totals line, and you just bet on over or under. For example, it might be 22.5 games in a tennis match, with odds of 1.84 on over and 1.98 on under.

You can bet on match totals and team totals. Punters do not have to predict which team will win when placing a totals bet. You are simply speculating on whether it will be a high-scoring or a low-scoring match. However, you can often combine a totals market with the win to form a double, which results in a larger potential payout. Doubles are available pre-match and as live betting options on major sporting events such as NRL matches.

Additional Live Bets

The choice of live betting markets will vary according to the sport. For example, when you delve into a footy match, you will find scoring markets, disposals markets, winning margins and half-time bets. Click on a live rugby league game, and you will find betting on the next try, the winner of each half, team totals and much more,

If it is a soccer match, you can bet on both teams to score, Asian handicaps, double chance and draw no bet. If it is a baseball game, you can bet on the winner of each innings and the number of runs that will be scored in each innings, plus correct score bets and handicaps.

Live Betting NRL

You will be able to take part in live betting on every NRL game of the season at We offer more than 250 pre-match betting options on an NRL game, including the win, line, over/under, alternate handicaps and totals, total tries, try scorers, margins, and much more.

Some of those markets are available for live betting after the match begins. We will react to developments on the field and update the odds when the score changes or the momentum shifts. You can bet on the win, the line, total points, the first half result, the second half result, full-time winning margins and doubles markets.

We also offer some unique live betting markets on NRL matches. For example, you can bet on which team will score the next try. These markets can help to ratchet up the excitement you experience when watching an NRL match in action.

Live Betting Cricket

You can bet in-play on red-ball and white-ball cricket matches, including Tests and domestic matches in the Big Bash, the IPL and other tournaments. You can immerse yourself in the fast-paced excitement of live betting on a T20 clash, or enjoy the more languid pace of Test cricket, soaking up the drama on the pitch and reacting with live betting decisions over several days.

AFL Live Betting

We take live bets over the phone on every AFL game throughout the season. You will be able to bet on the win, the line, totals and various special markets too, such as doubles, the winner of the first half or the second half, winning margins and scoring markets. The AFL is one of the most popular live betting leagues at

Popular In-Play Betting Sports

Some sports naturally lend themselves to live betting. Tennis is a great example, as you can bet on the outcome of the match, but also each set as it unravels. Golf is another popular sport for live betting, because a tournament unfolds over the course of four days and you can judge how players are adapting to the conditions before placing your bets. It is a similar situation with Test cricket.

Live betting is also popular on fast-paced sports such as football, rugby league, rugby union and soccer, as the scoreline can swing back and forth quickly, presenting lots of valuable wagering opportunities as the match ebbs and flows.

Live Betting FAQs

What is in-play betting?

In-play betting allows you to make predictions on a live sporting event, such as a cricket or tennis match. will provide a variety of live betting markets throughout the match, constantly updating the odds to reflect developments on the field. You can continue betting on the sporting event until close to the final whistle.

Where can I place a live bet?

You can place a live bet by visiting and clicking the “In-Play” option on the toolbar menu at the top of the homepage. You will then see a list of the sports that we are currently offering live bets on. The odds will be changing in real time based on how each match is unfolding, and you can place bets quickly and easily over the phone.

Why is live betting so popular?

Live betting is popular because it gives you a lot more flexibility as a punter. You can watch the opening stages of a match, check to see how each team is shaping up and place your bets accordingly. Inspiration might also strike you midway through a game, and you can just head to and get your bet on rapidly. 

How does live betting work in the NRL?

Most of the pre-match betting markets will be available as live betting options within an ongoing NRL match. You can bet on the winner, the line and various other in-play markets. The odds will be continually updated to reflect the score and the momentum of the match, and you can quickly call and place a live bet whenever you like.